Welch sand & gravel


Delivery & Slinger Services

Work with Welch Sand & Gravel on foundations.




Large volume commercial delivery of aggregates.

ODOT Approved Aggregate for Concrete & Asphalt.

Specification Base Aggregate Materials.

Limestone Products in stock.

Delivery Options:

*Straight Truck

*Trailer Delivery                         

*Slinger Truck Delivery

Welch Sand & Gravel

P.O. Box 53-1700

Cincinnati, OH  45253

To contact us:

Dispatch Phone: (513) 353-3220

Fax:     (513) 353-3225



Mike Judd Cell# 513-473-5673

E-mail: mjudd@welchsand.com


Mon-Fri 7am-5pm

Cut foundation basing time to a minimum.

Eliminate loading time.

Places gravel closer to grade and reduced          material waste.